Our Philosophy

Taste and salubriousness characterize our wines. We strive to employ the vines’ natural energies of growth and life to create an honest cultural asset that is full of character. This is our goal in our daily work both in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The basis for this sensation of taste is a healthy soil in an unspoilt nature. The diverse flora and fauna of our vineyards supplies our vines with sufficient nutrition during the course of a year. In the hot months of July and August, selective tilling reduces the water consumption of the green fertilizer plants. This strengthens in particular the young vines.

However, in the process of vegetating, the vines are threatened by a diversity of fungal diseases. Here, we support the sensitive shoots and blossoms by bigger distances between the vines. This leads to quick drying of tissue thus reducing the excessive spread of harmful organisms. In addition, we protect the plants by using natural substances that protect against penetration of fungal spores. Unfortunately, this procedure does not provide absolute protection, but we believe the certainty to produce wines completely free of residues is worth the risk.

In the autumn, taste and flavour ripen in the vineyard. We harvest and process our grapes as carefully and naturally as possible during vintage. We do not want tannins or harmful micro organisms to harm the grapes or the already pressed must. The phase of vinification is also ruled by the maxim of natural development processes. For each wine, we choose the suitable cellar technology as well as the individual amount of time which each barrel needs for its development.

This is how wines of character are made. Grown and cultivated according to the guidelines of organic farming, characterized by the vineyard and formed by the weather of the wine year. All this is merged by the skill and the experience of the master winemaker.